Cell Phone Buy-Back Program

Recycle Your Old Phone for CA$H!!!

SquawkTalk Wireless offers a better alternative for getting rid of your cell phone. If you have new or used cell phones that you want to turn into CA$H we can help! Just complete a 3-Step Process to get CA$H for your cell phone NOW!

Step 1. Fill out our form to GET A FREE QUOTE for your cell phone! We respond within 1 business day with a quote to buy your cell phone for CASH!

Step 2. Send your phone in the mail (or if you are local you can drop it off or we can arrange pick up).

Step 3. Receive CASH (for local sellers) or funds via PayPal immediately for your phone!


We provide a great alternative to those who don’t want their phone to go into a landfill. At the same hand, you will be putting CASH IN YOUR POCKET!  What could be better?

You can also be sure that your private information will not be shared with anyone. All phone’s are completely reset back to manufacture’s settings so that none of your information is used or seen – NO MATTER WHAT!

If you have questions please feel free to contact us by using our contact page, or you can call us by using our Google Voice widget on the side of the page. You can even call us without giving away your own number, by simply check marking the ‘Keep Number Private’ box right beside the connect button.

What are you waiting for?  GET YOUR FREE QUOTE NOW!