Verizon ESN Cleaning!

What we provide:

SquawkTalk Wireless offers the opportunity to have a VERIZON ESN cleaned, so that it can be activated on a Verizon account again (This does not include ACTIVE / SUSPENDED DUE TO NON-PAYMENT, please see eligibility requirements below). We are not Verizon, nor are we affiliated with or work for Verizon. Since we can only submit the ESNs to be cleaned, and do not clean the ESNs ourselves, we cannot guarantee that your ESN can be cleaned. Neither can we guarantee how long it will take to clean your ESN, since that process is totally out of our control. However, typically you can expect your ESN to be cleaned in 2-3 business days, and if your ESN meets the criteria below, you should have no problems getting your ESN(s) cleaned. Once your ESN is cleaned you will receive an email stating that your order is complete. Here are the guidelines for whether or not an ESN is capable of being cleaned:


***It is not the intent of SquawkTalk Wireless to participate in FRAUD!  Please do not submit an ESN that is ACTIVE OR SUSPENDED DUE TO NON-PAYMENT. This will result in your Bad ESN not being cleaned and you WILL NOT be eligible for  a REFUND!***


Your phone can be cleaned if:

  • Your phone is a Verizon phone ONLY!
  • Your phone is NOT active on a Verizon account (You can find this out by doing a test call)*
  • Your phone is attached to a write-off account with a balance owed.

Your phone cannot be cleaned if:

  • Your phone is for a company other than Verizon.
  • Your phone is attached to a corporate or business account.

How we do this? What is the Process?

  • First, please make sure your phone meets our above criteria before purchasing.
  • Second, please choose from one of our ESN Cleaning Products and submit your payment. We offer both Verizon ESN Cleaning, please make sure to select the correct one.
  • Third, include your Verizon ESN in the notes section of your purchase order or payment.
  • Fourth, once it’s clean your ESN, you will be notified via email that your purchase is completed.
  • Fifth, activate your phone, enjoy, make calls, send texts, surf the web, whatever!

 We Now Clean Verizon ESNs!!!

If you are unsure if your ESN meets the above criteria to be cleaned, please use our ESN Checker Service first!

Our Guarantee / Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the service, there is only 1 way you can receive a refund:

We guarantee that if your ESN(s) matches the above criteria, it will be cleaned in 2-3 business days or YOUR MONEY BACK!

***Note: We reserve the right to offer a credit for future purchases in lieu of a refund.***

Our Terms of Service:

  1. Once your payment has cleared we will submit your ESN'(s) to be cleaned through Verizon. Please place the ESN(‘s) number that you want cleaned, in the notes section of your order form or payment.
  2. Any ESN submitted after 1 PM ET, on a Weekend, or on a Holiday, will not be submitted until the next business day.
  3. If the ESN that you provide does not match the above criteria and is submitted and it cannot be cleaned or it comes back cleaned and then switches back to a bad ESN – THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS!
  4. All ESNs are guaranteed to remain clean for 2-3 days or until you activate it.  Once an ESN has been clean for 7 days or has been activated on your account (We can see this), THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS!
  5. Once we receive notification that your ESN is cleaned, we will verify this through Verizon. Once we have verification we will notify you within one business day.
  6. Once an ESN is submitted, there are no refunds unless it meets the guidelines of our Refund Policy listed below.
  7. SquawkTalk Wireless’s complete Terms of Service.


For more questions on ESN Cleaning, please visit our FAQs Page. If you still have questions, please feel free to send us an email via our Contact page!

*If you have a BAD ESN that you need cleaned, that you bought from the owner, and it has usage on it, please contact us.