We BUY New, Used, & Broken iPhones – Any Model!

Does Your iPhone Look Like This?

Does Your iPhone Look Like This?

One of the many services that SquawkTalk Wireless provides is purchasing your old cell phones for cash!  But, did you know that we also buy broken iPhone’s?  It doesn’t matter if they are damaged due to the screen being shattered, water damage, bad buttons, or just software issues – WE BUY THEM ALL!

SquawkTalk Wireless offers CA$H for your busted and broken iPhones – no matter the condition!  If you are interested in seeing how much money you can get out of your phone please fill out the form to GET A FREE QUOTE!  Please upload a photo of the phone if possible and make sure that you describe the problems with your phone as accurately as possible so that we can give you the best possible price!

If your broken iPhone leaves you without a working phone, we can also help you with that!  Make sure to check out our online store to see what phones we have available for sale!  If you don’t see the type of phone you are looking for right off the bat, please feel free to contact us and us the drop down reason ‘Store Products’.  Our inventory changes on a daily basis and it’s possible that we have a phone available that we haven’t been able to list yet – or we can try to find a phone that matches what you are looking for.  The best part is, by selling us your broken phone, you will be getting your new phone at an even better deal than what our online store is offering them for!

About SquawkTalk Wireless

SquawkTalk specializes in providing many services for our customers!  We offer Permanent Unlocks for Blackberries and iPhones, we are a Solavei Social Member and offer other Prepaid Services, as well as contract service for Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AND MORE!!! We also BUY CELL PHONES FOR CA$H!!! We buy new or used phones, 4G, Android, and iPhones! You can GET A FREE QUOTE by filling out our simple form!